Frenz United Football Club

Frenz United Football Club (FUFC) is the heart of a football revolution currently taking place in Malaysia and around the region. As the country’s first Professional Football Club with an Academy for professional footballers, FUFC is conceiving, promoting and implementing game-changing excellence in football that is enabling an entire generation of highly-skilled, disciplined and competent individuals.

Besides that, FUFC is also motivated in creating leaders in football, and community-centric programs that recognize the significance of football in improving the quality of lives of people. FUFC is building human capacities at all levels by a range of rigorous development programs, training courses and learn-by-doing modules.

Since the establishment in 2012, FUFC has always been committed to strengthening the Football culture in Malaysia, to ensure that various stakeholders understand the potential that football has to offer as a means to achieve their own objectives. Thanks to a dedicated team of coaches, teachers, sports scientists, researchers, technicians, administrative and support personnel, the club is developing, researching and offering a multitude of solutions and curriculum for footballing needs of today, and tomorrow.

As the club press on for footballing excellence in the society they serve, FUFC acknowledge that it is a quest for a generation. FUFC also recognize that victories are hard fought and proudly won but more importantly, this club values a triumph that stems from the foundations of integrity, hard-work and competitiveness internationally.

Our Tournaments

Each year, FUFC organises 2 tournaments, one international tournament namely Frenz International Cup (FIC) and one regional tournament; Asia Champions Trophy (ACT).

Frenz International Cup

Frenz International Cup (FIC) is an international tournament organized by Frenz United Football Club (FUFC) as a part of their youth developement programme. FUFC aims to provide opportunity to youths in Asia to participate in football, instilling in them values of teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline and self-respect.

FIC is one of the main highlights of FUFC's development programme which aims to fully mobilize youths and communities through sports tournaments and to develop positive activity engagements and talent buildings.

In a bid to ensure world-class performance, FIC replicates the elite FIFA Club World Cup format, and the best international teams are invited to battle it out on the field. This will serve to expose our local youths to their international counterparts and also provide a platform for the international teams to amass a bigger fan base in Asia.

Asia Champions Trophy

Asia Champions Trophy (ACT) is a regional youth football tournament organized by Frenz United Football Club (FUFC) as a part of their youth developement programme that aims to create leaders in football with values of integrity, competitiveness and sportmanships.

ACT will provide a platform to local youths to garner experience going up against their Asian counterparts and exposing them to the different playing styles that is unique to each team. This will hopefully serve as means to raise their performance level as well.

ACT's 2016/2017 season will kick off in September 2016 and will end in March 2017. During this period an estimated 132 matches will be played. The tournament's weekly match schedule will allow the teams to be on form regularly.

Frenz United Football Academy

Nestled in the hills of Janda Baik, FUFA is dedicated to developing the best football players for the country. Towards this end, the Academy aspires to bring together a group of young, aspiring and talented players between the ages of 13 to 17 from all over Malaysia to the professional football training center located on 12 acres of private land in Janda Baik. These young players are offered a full scholarship, which covers the costs of accommodation and board at the Academy’s training centre, professional football training and coaching services, proper education, sporting attire, uniforms and transportation.

The Frenz United Football Academy’s core values of professionalism, well balanced development, unity, loyalty and passion to excel are infused into every aspect of our training programme. Students selected to attend training here will be given the best football coaching to improve their skill and technical knowledge of the game in a fully residential environment. At Frenz United Football Academy, equal emphasis will be placed on the student’s education, football training, health and fitness as well as social and moral development. The idea is to produce well balanced athletes in mind, body and soul.

FUFA is exclusive to talented footballers. Learning to live together, study together and play football together, our students will receive a solid grounding in their studies and continuously develop their football skills in a conducive and rewarding environment, with constant positive encouragement from their coaches, trainers and peers. The boys of Frenz United Football Academy will develop bonds and friendships that may last a lifetime.

Vision & Mission

Mission: To elevate the standard and quality of professional football in Malaysia by grooming young talents in a focused and conducive environment, utilising professional methodologies that are proven effective in the world’s leading football nations.

Vision: To develop an elite selection of highly skilled professional football players, that have the potential to become international football stars.

Stadium Frenz,
Janda Baik, Pahang

The football pitch at Stadium Frenz, Janda Baik has been recognised by Football Association of Malaysia for its competed size with standard regulation grass. The playing field is ideal for training and developing young talent to exacting international standards. The lighting condition fits international standard requirement makes it suitable for broadcasting and organizing an event at night.